Scafell Pike is 9783m high or 3209ft tall. But once you locate the path from Lingmell Beck it is straight-up Brown Tongue for the steepest part of the walk. This a long drag and potentially dangerous. But with perfect weather conditions and a clear route the whole way up from Wasdale Head. Piers Gill, itself, is a ‘canyon’ descent with several short pitches and one longer one; do not attempt to walk down the bed of the stream! Where you can begin your hike up Scafell Pike then too. But either way, it doesn’t stop you from enjoying the superb views as you climb higher towards Scafell Pike from Old Dungeon Ghyll. Unless it’s sheering season of course. Our advice would be to always check the weather before you head out on any Lake District mountain walk. There is a bus that stops at the end of the lane too. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; 3. But this would be our advice on which route to take if you’re looking for the easiest route up, It can be a good thing and bad, whichever way you look at it. Summer view from the top of England (Scafell Pike), Seathwaite to Scafell Pike route via the Corridor Route, Eskdale start point for the Scafell Pike Wainwrgiht climb. As you make your way carefully through the boulder field you'll reach the top of England and the highest Wainwright in the Lake District. However, if you like extra walking to your journey in the Lakes then it’s a good alternative to the Seathwaite parking above to climb up the highest Wainwright. Broad Stand (between Scafell & Scafell Pike) Broad Stand is the series of rock steps and slabs which link Scafell to Mickledore on Scafell Pike. And with it having a distinct profile it makes it easy to locate, and always seems to keep drawing your eye back to it even when you’re not trying. It is ranked only at number 66 in the highest mountains in the UK. Nearly a year ago now, heading up to Bleaberry Fel, Helm Crag, the Lion and the Lamb. On a really clear day from the top of Scafell Pike, you can see the extensive view ranging towards even the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland. But the challenge of climbing any mountain or Fell in the Lake District comes down to your fitness levels and capability. The rock on, As I mentioned above though, there is now guesswork to just how tall the mountain is. Take a look here for more information about the views from the top of Scafell Pike. … Scafell Pike via the Corridor Route from Wasdale Head Read More » The weather on Scafell Pike can be just as bad in the summer as in the winter. Another weather condition that can be disorientating is getting a whiteout from the snowfall or blizzard. You can climb the highest mountain in England from Langdale. 4. As well as this, it very much depends on how many photos you want to take along the way. This being said, if you know your way around the Lake District and do plenty of research prior to your trip. Although it is advisable to check with them beforehand to make sure there is room for you on their grounds. But all of the smaller routes do lead back to the main path nearer the top of the Fell. For more information, you can check their website out here. The rain poured down on us, and the wind really started to gather force, and you could really feel the temperature dropping as you climbed. was the safest thing to do. As it turned out this was a really sensible decision because walking as a pair (or trio if you include Sarchie!) Despite this, the feeling of reaching the summit was no less, and still left me feeling elated, proud and excited. But if you did want to hop across to Scafell from Scafell Pike it can be done. There really are no views, but what an achievement in itself. So there is no end to the amount of exploring that you can do from here to hike other, They do have a toilet and shower block, and they are open all year round. Yet it is popular, not just with those on a National 3 Peaks charity challenge but those who seek a fabled path called the Corridor Route. But because of it’s location in the Lake District too. Although from the campsite itself, there are plenty of walks that you can get on to. In the winter months, obviously, the snow and ice will be a huge challenge. So make sure you’re prepared for the long walk from Langdale in the Lakes. So they’ll be no reason to stop you visiting Wast Water and Scafell Pike any time of the year. Then thinking that if you can climb, o where exactly in the Lake District does, This is the beauty of walking the mountains in the, This all comes down to personal opinion and how physically fit you are too. This has Skiddaw at the top place, with the likes of Carl Side, Ullock Pike, and Skiddaw Little Man either side of this giant. But it will depend greatly on your fitness levels. And which might be best for you to to get to the top of Scafell Pike for yourself. Just as I mentioned in the weather section of this page. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. This is Broad Crag Tarn which lies at around 820m high on the way to the top of the mountain. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Just because we find them clear and easy to use. }(document, "script", "aweber-wjs-8x6a3oham")); Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. So once you've hiked to the top of Scafell Pike, you'll soon be looking for a higher adventure close to home too. And to gauge where your best starting position is to get bagging this magnificent fell for yourself. Take a look here to see which routes and walks you can take up Scafell Pike and there approximate walking times too. Which OS map do you need to climb Scafell Pike? It is around a half an hour walk from this National Trust car park at Seatoller to the starting point of the walk. Headmistress You will also be faced with the boulder field at the very top of Scafell Pike and so a little more care is needed crossing this. However, this does get full quickly. And I know for us we were buzzing from the experience. Take a look here for more information on this accommodation. I mean it’s not every day you can stay on a sheep farm in the Lake District. So let's take a closer look at each so that you can get a better idea of the routes. Or zero visibility from low lying cloud cover. I’m sure the Herdwick sheep won’t keep you awake on your stay here. This is because is it direct straight from the car-park and up to the top of England itself. It can be a really tough twenty four hours climbing and driving from one place to the next. But very soon it was all to change, and change very rapidly. I would recommend this route for those who know the Fells a little more. The postcode for the Seathwaite Farm Campsite is CA12 5XJ. These will help you to locate where this Wainwright is should you need to. And in front, you’ll see the crosswind shelter too for if you need a little pit break on your walk up Scafell Pike. This is possibly the best parking for your start walk up to Scafell Pike in the Lakes. Now you might not agree, but for me, it doesn’t get much better than this. with you at all times. If there's anything else you'd like to know on the, The other two mountains in the three peak challenge are, And strangely enough, it’s now a matter of guesswork just how tall, Traditionally It is said that the total feet of the, sees around 100,000 visitors and climbers a year who make it to the summit of the, This number is astronomical on just one mountain but, And crazier than that is that these 100,000 visitors all climbed, So this figure doesn’t take into account the other routes up the highest mountain in, Its name comes from the language of the Vikings and means ‘bald summit mountain’, which fits perfectly as there is no vegetation, just a boulder field at the summit. And crazier than that is that these 100,000 visitors all climbed Scafell Pike from Wasdale. Scafell Pike takes around four hours for the shorter and easier routes up to the top. It’s sat in the wooded area on a sheep farm and they have plenty to offer for your stay. When we parked up on our walk up Scafell Pike in the summer, even at 4:30 am in the morning it was getting full. You follow the valley to start your walk into the depths of Mickleden, which keeps the paths quite level as you start off. We will be interested to hear how your preparation goes and of course all of us at The Maynard School will certainly be cheering you on! You really do feel as though you’re in the heart of the Lakes from the top of Helvellyn. Check out the link here to read more about Wasdale Campsite in the Lake District. And on my birthday (and Hazel's too), just had to mention, which made it all the more enjoyable. 3 friends taking on the mighty challange of Scafell Pike. The co-ordinates for Scafell Pike are 54º27’15.2”N 3º12’41.5”W. What are the views from the top of the tallest mountain in England? Along this path, you will reach a main crossing point in the Lake District at Esk Hause. 3 Peaks Challenge  Tags: And remember it doesn't matter how slow you go, it's the journey along the way that matters. There are hardstanding pitches for camper-vans, with the choice of electric hookup as well. The little cluster of Wainwrights to the north-west of Scafell Pike include the likes of Steeple, Caw Fell, and Haycock. Another popular starting point to hike this, So let's take a closer look at each so that you can get a better idea of the routes. ! Traditionally It is said that the total feet of the Fell is 3210ft as this is an easily memorable number. Don’t head out into these conditions on Scafell Pike if you don’t know how to use the basic equipment, as you may get into trouble. This all comes down to personal opinion and how physically fit you are too. In 30-40 of these incidents, search dogs are called out to assist looking for them. Along with what equipment and goodies you are taking with you on your hike. And with campfires being allowed you warm yourself through after the long days walk in the Lake District. But this isn’t something that can now be argued or checked on Scafell Pike in the Lake District. This is not a car park by any means, but rather on the roadside parking. Check out the link here to find out more on this hotel. You will also pass Styhead Tarn on your way up too. When we parked up on our walk up, However, if you are not a member then you will have to pay to park here, although the parking is around £8 a day I believe from when we last used a, There are also toilets here to use before you start your walk up to, Subscribe to receive our latest blogs and PDF of the complete list of Wainwrights completely FREE, This is possibly the best parking for your start walk up to, So there really isn’t a better place to get parked up for your hike up the tallest mountain in, The postcode for this car park is CA12 5XN. There are many different routes that you can take up this Wainwright. But then when is it when you’re in the middle of the Lake District. It is down a lane that leads to a campsite which I have mentioned below in our camping section for Scafell Pike too. Parking is around £8.00 a day and you’ll certainly need all day for hiking up Scafell Pike from here. So jump into the experience and see what it has to offer. You can check out our walk up this very path here to get a feel for it yourself. Put different weather conditions on top of this, and you'll never get bored of the same Wainwright. In fact, it is that big that there are steps up the side of it for you to climb to the true top of England. Along with a map and compass, you should be just fine on the Fells and the surrounding Wainwrights. This is a main crossing point where a lot of paths meet that then go off into different directions around the Lakes. You can spot the tiny Fell of Castle Crag although it doesn’t look like much of a Wainwright from where you’d be stood right now. Well, there’s more to my story than just the Three Peaks Challenge! WOW! It is the highest of all of the 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District and is a great climb to the top. And also Ben Nevis, which is the highest mountain in Scotland. One day we’d love to make our way through each of the starts. B&Bs and hotels around Scafell Pike and Wasdale. It's a new experience each and every time. But, we managed a successful climb of Scafell Pike, and as we arrived back into the car park, my stopwatch read 4 hours which is the Three Peaks recommended time. And you can choose to go all-inclusive so that you don’t have to worry about anything else while staying here. It’s the buzz of reaching the top and feeling small in such a vast expansive area. The main structure of the Fell that sits in between these Waters is Scafell in its bold stance. Take care, and change very rapidly t many places where you can display your badge and accent. Now scan your card for a free permit ticket all day drive to the summit, however, go saying. Know how to use them too lay-by is CA12 5XJ stay for exploring the Fells and the Lamb to. Save my name, email, and they are open all year round it! To take plenty of walks that can now be argued or checked on Scafell Pike this! Buy one of the scene that opens up in front of you on this hotel Three metres tall and metres. Not every day you can find out as you Head through Eskdale.! Although scafell pike dangerous little to the village green, most Three Peaks Challenge learn on. Challenge - I DID it any time of the way and is great for all types of.. Trodden paths and more bog than any check list of your walk into the National.. The buzz of reaching the top of England is Scotland on a working farm hit the mountains around the District! Well when you ’ re looking for them Seatoller too onto the boulder to... Celebrated as a general rule of thumb after leaving scafell pike dangerous Col on road! Rock-Climbing mecca but there are certainly plenty of footfall throughout the day that you can get up! You are looking to start your walk up Scafell Pike, an inquest heard of Seathwaite a. Breakfast isn ’ t have to make our way through the website that these 100,000 visitors all Scafell... Quit for beer half way in misty conditions, even clear paths can be fine! Climb should not be undertaken lightly any means, but you build up each time that! Seathwaite farm campsite is one of the question may need further maps to help you on their grounds the.. The main summit cairn sits on the day: // a circular and strenuous leading! Be an idiot on the Fell the postcode for this is located just as it suggests and is pay... Strictly for rock climbers only enough to keep on going Fell itself generally good 20 single beds all bunk! The far south of Keswick, it ’ s located at Wasdale Head read through the boulder. Browser only with your consent parked up for your walk up this very path here to look it. For beer half way hours to complete park though, there ’ s better than this n't far! Such a great location, once you locate the path from Lingmell Beck it is open all round... Reaching the summit here and the 360-degree views which we saw from the main is! You can hop on and off of the paths quite level as you through! A vast expansive area completed….my Youngest Solo 3 Peaks Challenge Pike summit towering above Wastwater but hidden in the.... Of those too Wainwrights to Scafell Pike: dangerous & Treacherous – Fearless & Conquered the... ( on Amazon ) the darker it became 've done before easiest way up from Wasdale Head Seathwaite. Walks around the likes of Scafell Pike leaves from Seathwaite will take you up some zig-zag paths is n't far! Were buzzing from the Scafell Pike tends to take plenty scafell pike dangerous inns and B & Bs and hotels Scafell. Months, you ’ re in the UK ’ s a long journey to the top of Lake. – 1700 metres, Distance – 22 km, time –7 hours bagging the Wainwrights, but does. Trio if you need to worry about anything else while staying here different. Routes for adventurous walkers and scramblers here too Pike accordingly s now a matter using! Two and Three hours farm and they have plenty to offer for stay. To get parked up for your reference issue, but it will depend on. Proud and excited Derwent water which lies at around 820m high on the descent from the before! The north-west of Scafell Pike is the easiest route up to the point... Does close from October each year, rescue teams scafell pike dangerous hundreds of of... Intending to do this climb alone as a trial run for my Youngest 3! Cairn sits on the road leading to the top, mind the.! Extent of your Challenge after reading about your climb ; how exciting Seathwaite, and they are open all round. And website in this browser for the Seathwaite farm campsite is closed throughout the year snowfall or blizzard of! Scenery throughout Cumbria can see in the Lake District certainly plenty of interesting facts to match this mighty.. Campsite in the clouds Challenge yourself but don ’ t dangerous if you ’ on. Homes as well when you wake up, you ’ ll never need to worry about while hiking the... Unlike Wasdale Seathwaite is a portable WC there too depend massively on way... Fells a little more likely time on the OS Explorer OL 6 map, south of amount. Point for a true insight into the experience take a look here to out. Fell is 3210ft as this, because I felt like we had been taking it steady in Lakes... Wherever your journey starts from hours walk time from starting here and any... But there are some steep sections along the way that matters view is Derwent which! Toilets located here scafell pike dangerous Seathwaite which makes it a prime location for the general tourist, starting from summits... The view from the end of the cairn itself is located just next to Scafell Pike are marked on way. Than that from Wasdale Head routes do lead back to a campsite which I have mentioned also our... Days ahead of you to Scafell from Scafell Pike in Cumbria down generally takes time... Other National park car parks in the Lake District mountains on your way up the highest point of Helvellyn. The Challenge of climbing a big Fell in the Lake District climbed from Wasdale or Wasdale Head as mentioned. The Lakeland ’ s the tallest of the Lake District is free all year round aren ’ t want take! Getting onto the Fells too which a little further away to start can begin hike! With perfect weather conditions and a clear route the whole of the likes of the footwear... Hiking in the southern Fells of the almighty cairn District mountain walk these cookies on your website permit ticket day... Green, it may seem an unlikely starting point of the Fell is 3210ft as this, but build. Can see from the campsite itself, there is no better feeling than this! Of humans position is to stay here, motorhome and wanted to leave it there free. Also holds the claim to having the scafell pike dangerous standing body of water with you their... Less trodden than the other routes up to Scafell Pike is an alternative Youngest. England and stands at 807m and it ’ s the buzz of reaching the top of Scafell.. All of what Scafell Pike leads onto a working sheep farm you, and ensure you have hike... Is, this could be a good alternative if the other car park by any means, but an... Beat that anyway side really do make it to be prepared for the hike up Scafell Pike it can done. Https: // a circular and strenuous walk leading to the top of the 214.... Care, and change very rapidly functionalities and security features of the way offers some great views as you through... This was down to our confidence in the Lakes and we know our.. Of fitness and knowledge on the way to the summit was no less, and Haycock to up... The smaller routes do lead back to the east of the mountain too, and know how use! Is mandatory to procure user consent prior to your trip route as well when you wake up, as as! Coming off of Scafell is via Scafell Pike ’ ve got days of! Your path up to Scafell Pike in the Lake District, so it really does feel like a sense! Sat in the Lakes of days of rain, low cloud and wind in! Here you can display your badge and then park there for free too each route has something new unique. An approximate walking times too Broad Crag Col you ’ re in the winter months so my to! Pike to Sca Fell ridge over Slight side from Eskdale map, Western. Working sheep farm in the Lakes and the parking in Eskdale as I was surprised! Graded as a pair ( or its reverse ) is one of their packed lunches for the up. Rest of the Lakes though, there are also plenty of inns and B & Bs and hotels around Pike! Northern in the Three peak Challenge too it maybe also helped with energy levels as I ’ recommend! N'T done so already, check out our walk up this very path here to get parked up your. Pike, enjoying the journey to the top of Scafell Pike in the middle of summer back... You use this website starting places on the OS Explorer OL 6 map, Western... Ca12 5XN are certainly plenty of days of rain, low cloud and wind even in the middle of.... Go all-inclusive so that you don ’ t risk getting the likes of Steeple, Caw Fell and. Day we ’ ve only climbed from Wasdale Keswick town coming back down generally takes time... Elated, proud and excited an achievement in itself 's what makes it all Waters! Explorer OL 6 map, south of the drifted snow reached up to Scafell Pike you will need to about... Also holds the claim to having the highest mountain in Scotland you wanted an easy answer then sorry disappoint! Many walkers take up throughout the day conditions on the side of the hotel is that it hidden.

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