In this series, we’ve seen this ’82, this ’82, this ’83 Cimarron d’Oro, and now I’ve found this white ’86. It’s kind of sad since, as a really nice Cavalier, the Cimarron wasn’t that bad. But then you lost me at “1988 Cadillac Cimarron. Am I the only one who thinks its an almost line-for-line deadringer for the ’86 Cavalier Z24, but 5 years before that car actually existed? Overall, reasonably competitive and did I mention it was the least expensive car by a good margin? Check your in-box to get started. In reality, Cadillac’s prospects would have been better served by a tasteful American luxury car based on the A-car. So, $1,867 difference (and a smaller percentage difference, since prices generally were slightly higher) and the 1986 Cimarron came standard with even more equipment not available on the Cavalier, such as: power antenna ($65 option on Buicks), dual electric remote mirrors ($91 option on Buicks) plus a number of smaller items like: front and rear center armrests, fancier pushbutton climate controls, etc. and skidpad number (0.83g), with the worst braking distance (60-0 162 ft.) and gas mileage (19 mpg combined) despite being the lightest car in the test. They don’t exactly say who came in second and third, but it appears that the Bimmer pulled silver. Cimarron had its strong following, but if Cadillac would have made it look more like a small luxury car and less like a Chevy with leather, it could have been a better selling car. As before, on paper it wasn’t obviously deficient. The problem was Cadillac dealers were impatient for a small car, and the GM geniuses thought they could pass the Cimarron off as an American BMW or Audi (and charge the same prices). The gap turned out to be $2,469, though the Caddy came standard with several things that weren’t available on the Chevy, most notably leather seats. Ah, the Cadillac Cimarron.Conceived during a time when oil prices were zooming upward and smallish luxury imports such as the Datsun 810 and BMW 320i were stealing Detroit's customers, the … Rated 3 out of 5 stars. It's true only because this car was not taken care of and used as a "run it to ground" type of vehicle. I've known people to own an '88 civic DX, a 99 Solora, and a couple other Japanese vehicles and I'm not much into them. It’s sort of like how people say the Lexus ES300 was basically Camry. Then the Cimarron came out and my mom, who’d deeply considered an MB 190 suddenly wanted a Cadillac. 1977 Chevrolet Caprice Cadillac Cimarron Car Model. reading the Cimarron S, it was a what if excercise that Motor Trend cooked up in their minds as a hotter sports sedan version of the Cimarron. Thank You. A friend’s parents bought a Cimmaron, probably a 1982 model. As one of GM’s most famous and flagrant missteps ever, the Cimarron has been covered plenty here at Curbside Classic. Sign Up. Oh, good gravy. Very interesting to look back at the turmoil in the car industry in the early 1980s. Oh wait . By then it not only looked like, but was certainly priced more like, the very well-equipped Cavalier it was. It’s too bad the Cadillac guys didn’t have the Lincoln Versailles to show how poorly a cheap car gussied up to luxury levels would sell. Cadillac also reworked the suspension for ’83, and gave the Cimarron a redesigned grille, finned alloy wheels and fog lights – in a desperate attempt to make it look slightly more Cadillac-like. The 1985 1/2 Cimarron was a much improved 1982 Cimarron, but you could certainly argue that by this time it should have been far more evolved and was essentially still a lightly modified Cavalier. They hated their Cimmaron. The only car I would spend 100K on today is an anniversary edition Land Cruiser with the cool logos. I try to give a benefit-of-the-doubt to a vehicle before I criticize it. I was a fresh lawyer and paid $12k for a VW GTI. I think it could have found some success if its Cavalier roots weren’t so blatantly obvious. Copyright 2011 - 2021 Curbside Classics. The Cadillac Cimarron is widely considered to be one of the worst cars of all time—not because of what it is, but because of what it represents. Motor Trend in the map pocket is a nice touch. In 2007, The Cadillac Cimarron was named as one of the "50 Worst Cars of All Time" by Time Magazine. In Europe, the Ascona was competition to the Audi 80 (4000 in US) and VW Passat. Then, they tried again with the rebadged Opel that was the Catera, before finally striking a chord with the CTS. Selling a mediocre car when they needed to have a fantastic one was truly a deadly sin for Cadillac (officially GM’s #10). GM had full-lines at Buick, Pontiac, and Oldsmobile during those years and did not need to have a “compact Cadillac.” The Buick Somerset was essentially the second gen Cimarron sans Wreath and Crest. 1984 Chevrolet Corvette In 2008, Motor Trend anointed the Cadillac Cimarron as #1 in the "The Top 10 Worst Rebadges of All Time" I then move to this 1985 article and adjust my mind to “I live in 1985 (Michael Jackson and Madonna are awesome! 1979 Buick Riviera S One thing I find interesting is that the original Escalade was just as lazy a badge-job as the Cimarron was, but it clicked that time and I think is still the best-selling Cadillac. After the fiasco of the Cimarron in the early '80s, I thought Cadillac would stick to what it does best: luxurious, commodious coupes and sedans with healthy V-8 power. I’d forgotten how much I liked the the “boxy” Cavalier coupe. Just what was needed to replace, perfect fit. I did try to test drive a Cavalier Type 10 stick like a cousin owned, but the dealer (a big dealer, too) had nothing remotely like it and let me drive a rental-grade version with an automatic. It made the V-6 engine standard, however it was too little, too late for the compact Caddy. 1983 AMC Alliance / Renault Alliance I always found it odd that the Olds and Buicks got a different (nicer) dashboard yet the Cimarron kept the same one as the Chevrolet and Pontiac. What's the difference between the '85 Chevy Cavalier and the '85 Cadillac Cimarron? Cadillac Cimarron. At least between roughly 1975 and 1985. The J platform is GM’s newest car and I’m not very familiar with the Cavalier. Not only was the car new, but the whole concept of an American car trying to compete directly with foreign luxury/sport sedans was previously untried. Read more. Cadillac Cimarron Reviews & News - Autotrader. I’ll bet they took a bath on the trade-in. Next to a new BMW and Audi, it looks comparable, more modern and even quite attractive. Take a good look at the comparison picture above, we’ll come back to that near the end of the story. Maybe not so much “sport sedan’ like the Europeans. For of all sad words of tongue or pen, I think Cadillac had a fundamental problem with this Cimarron (as well as many subsequent GM cars): it was a cheap-crap economy chassis tarted up with better seats and passed off to unsuspecting buyers as a luxury performance machine. The base price was still under $13,000 and now included a fuel-injected 2.0L engine (since 1983, shared with other J-cars), 5-speed manual (also since 1983 and shared with other J’s, the V6 still had a 4-speed), and power windows, locks and antenna (all newly standard for 85). I remember reading a statement framing the thinking “why should I pay all these extra $$$ for a Corvette that looks like any regular one?”, BTW: The “over mascaraed, Camaro-esque” ones on the C-7 seemed not to have had great appeal either! The Cimarron did receive great reviews for auto mags and whatnot. Okay, everyone needs to quit putting others down just because you think your car is better, keep it to yourselves. The very next year, ALL Corvettes had the square tail lights. Is there any realistic way in the early 80’s that Cadillac could have gotten in and been competitive in the Yuppie car market? Thanks for subscribing. The CTS that followed in 2003 wasn't perfect, but it was at least worthy of the Cadillac name -- and a big seller, too. I did some research before I got it to get an idea of what I'm getting. When will Cadillac’s long Cimarron nightmare be over? Cadillac DeVille vs Cadillac Cimarron: compare price, expert/user reviews, mpg, engines, safety, cargo capacity and other specs. I do love that rendering of the Cimarron S that Motor Trend cooked up. Using my handy Standard Catalog of American Cars, as well as brochures , I calculated what a Cavalier would cost if equipped as closely as possible to a Cimarron. I tend to agree also, that I’ve never bought into the theory that the car mags were and are bought and paid for by auto companies. Silver 1987 Cadillac Cimarron for sale located in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri - $4,900 ( ID CC-989633). GM did the same thing with the Corvette. Can you imagine a compact car with luxury pretensions weighing 2,200 lbs. Have you wondered the same thing? The car I would have bought in 1985 in this class is neither the Cimarron V6 or any of the small German sedans, but rather the new-that-year Nissan Maxima. In 1981, the magazines that depended on GM advertising pretended the Cimarron wasn’t hopelessly outclassed. i grew up in an era that basically a Chevy could be made into a “Chevy” version of a Cadillac, i loved the idea of a Caprice pulling into Cadillac territory or a Monte Carlo being considered a “baby Eldorado”. It would be interesting to know what they didn’t like about the Cimarron. Conceived in a reaction to the oil shock of the late seventies and universal predictions of $ 3.00 (US-1980 Dollars) per gallon gasoline, the Cadillac Cimarron was hastily rushed into production two years ahead of its initially planned introduction date. The compact Caddy was touted as "a new kind of Cadillac for a new kind of Cadillac owner" in its day. They should have waited and done like they did with the beautiful 1st gen Seville. While I lived through this era and like most thought WTF when this came out, I think I understand GM’s thinking a bit better. It is slower than the BMW 320i and Volvo, but also substantially less expensive. In 1982, this car didn’t look like a Cadillac – it looked like a Chevy at doubled the price. Instead, they went for the mark-up. that would make you think we beat on the car, which isn’t the case…though my Father traded cars much more frequently than I, he did get regular maintenance done on it and wasn’t particularly hard on his cars. Read more. Cadillac’s fundamental problems were multifaceted and included (1) any number of issues affecting all GM divisions, not just Cadillac, and (2) the division’s decision to chase volume. Minor issues I plan to replace (motors to the mirrors, replacing the belt until the harmonic balancer was adjusted-new engine installed-,get the carpet and floor-board checked out, etc.). I remember reading as a teen and feeling frustrated, although it really took a while to understand just how bad these cars were when the write-ups said they were generally ok. Liars. At 2,594 lbs., the Cimarron was actually 400lbs. That is one of my favorite Olds from the 80s. Motor Week did a follow up story on the second year Cimarron (MY 1983) where GM did some work on the engine and suspension. In yesterday’s article, I called the Cimarron Cadillac’s Flagship Of Mediocrity. Cadillac Cimarron: See 1 user reviews, 14 photos and great deals for Cadillac Cimarron. Above is the very first car magazine I ever acquired. VERIFIED PURCHASER. The other way to look at it is that three years is a long time. My grandfather had this Motor Trend, not because he subscribed or anything, he just said he liked to read them every once in a while to see what was new in the car world. The reviews are very much of the Curate’s Egg* variety. Let’s see how Car and Driver thought their aim was. If I recall correctly, J-car reliability issues stemmed from uneven quality control, as opposed to baked-in problems (such as those that plagued the X-car). It also demonstrates that whatever GM did with Cadillac after 1979, the execution would have been abominable. That 400 extra pounds hurts it here). Unfortunately some vehicles look too similar. The Cadillac Cimarron is widely derided as an overpriced sham of a luxury car. Or at least visually appeared “small.” It was also much more expensive than Cimarron and did not sell well. After the fiasco of the Cimarron in the early '80s, I thought Cadillac would stick to what it does best: luxurious, commodious coupes and sedans with healthy V-8 power. Even the Cavalier got a new dash in some models in 86 or 87 (Iforget which). Cadillac's string of missteps in the early 1980s has assumed their place in the automotive hall of shame. Once the Seville got “big” again in 1992 it allowed space for the Catera to be developed. But then, it would have still looked too similar to the Z24. - Has a lot of options not found in other J cars like the Cavalier/Sunbird/Starfire/Skyhawk, etc. Cadillac should've had the V6 and manual 4 from the start. Yes. Think about it, the first Sevilles were Novas. Expect that from Mass-Production! Just a reminder that the J car was developed as a European car, the second generation Opel Ascona. Сheck out 1982 Cadillac Cimarron Base Reviews! You could feel it in the handling dynamics and assembly. But what say you? . In the third paragraph down, the author states, “On the surface the Cimarron appears to have every sport sedan prerequisite” and he goes on to make a pretty good case for that. Part of that could be “it’s basically a Chevy pickup underneath” is actually a positive selling point to livery services, but they mostly used sedans in the late ’90s when it debuted and would well into the 2010s. Meanwhile, his grandmother’s friend was excited to show off her brand-new Cadillac. But when looking at the list of standard features, it makes sense. Looking at the 1982 model in isolation, or compared to the cars C/D considered its competition, it seemed reasonably competitive, and a good-looker to boot. I don’t think it was a mistake that the early reviews were kind. I don’t remember their specific beefs, but it quickly was replaced in their driveway by a Honda Accord, which they loved. The author says “It’s embarrassing to be so cock-sure of what a car can and cannot do, only to find out that your preconceptions weren’t even close to reality.” He also allows that Cadillac has “radically transform[ed] a ho-hum car” into a legitimate performance sedan. I see that a Cimarron would not have been much more. heavier than the 4000, which was quite the featherweight. Sep 15, 2020. excellent product. In both the 1981 Motor Trend and Car and Driver road tests, the Cimarron is given grace as a well-intentioned newcomer. As all too often, GM didn’t get this car done right until the last years. The Cimarron was a bit different in that is was similar size to foreign cars and sold in only one configuration, with everything essential to its competitive mission standard. People often give me thumbs up or ask if I want to sell it. Eventually, the Cimarron got a unique front end (with composite headlights) and a V6 but, by then, it was too late. GM’s aggressive downsizing bet in the late ’70s paid dividends and exempted them for a while from the stigma that too much big car product had at Ford and Chrysler. It is the most inexpensive item on the restaurant’s menu at only $11 per breakfast sandwich. The front end was lengthened and revised, but still tasteful. Very interesting. You’d think that the Caddy-badged Chevy Cavalier would be just a bad memory, but no— actual real-world examples of Cimarrons keep popping up all over the country! Required fields are marked *. The car got handed down to my youngest sister to take to college and the 2nd engine (which was replaced new at the dealer) threw a rod, at under 80k miles, it was junked by my Father who was fed up with it. Thanks! I was like "wow" and wondered how fast I could go with this 3 speed transmission. 5) , model year 1986, version for North America ; manufactured by Cadillac in USA ; 4-door sedan body type; FWD (front-wheel drive), manual 5-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 1991 cm3 / 121.2 cui, advertised power: 63.5 kW / 85 hp / 86 PS ( SAE net ), torque: 149 Nm / 110 lb-ft, more data: 1986 Cadillac Cimarron dOro 2.0L (man. Certainly. I tell people that I never liked a 3 speed FWD as much I like this one (I am partial to RWD). The Audi and BMW have progressed in appearance quite a bit, but the Cimarron looks pretty much like it did in 1982 and is transparently similar to models sold by every other GM division. I don’t think the cynicism of GM’s launch of the Cimarron was fully felt until at least 1983 or so. The state of our world is at times lamentable, but things like this remind us in some ways it’s getting better! These car buff magazines were just blowing smoke. The Cimarron had the most horsepower and torque, best acceleration time (0-60 10.08 sec.) Er, quite. 5 MPG payoff to drive a Cavalier…second, notice what was considered a classic car in 85…prewar luxury. They have seemed to pull their punches at times, such as the 81 MT article here. There’s an excellent chance they were driving Eldorados or Jaguars if they were buying anything forty years ago. The Chevrolet Nova-based Cadillac Seville had sold pretty well during the … LOL, did anyone at Cadillac notice the schematic shown from 1:16-1:25 is of a Cavalier and not a Cimarron? Cadillac Cimarron: See 1 user reviews, 14 photos and great deals for Cadillac Cimarron. Spooked by the success of premium small cars from Mercedes-Benz, GM elected to rebadge its awful mass-market J-platform sedans, load them up with chintzy fabrics and accessories and call them "Cimarron, by Cadillac." The break-out section “The Making of an UnCadillac” is worth reading for insight into the Cimarron’s development. And look how expensive the VCRs and blank tapes were at J&R Music World (magazine page 41). Lincoln did the same thing with the Granada and that worked out about the same. (Everything should be, dontcha know). It's hard to find a Cadillac Cimarron for sale, but here's one. I am more partial to the Big 3's and not much into to Japanese vehicles (though Nissan is an exception). And to the other comment, do your research. I liked the name, and the wheels in the lead pic. Quite an article, Jon, thank you for posting. The first sentence in the 1981 Motor Trend article is meant to be positive, but in hindsight could be read negatively. The Cimarron didn’t solve those issues, but it didn’t create them either. *(A cartoon in Punch in the 1880’s had a nervous young curate – junior priest – red-facedly midway through a boiled egg that his face shows us is clearly off, with the Bishop observing it to be so, and he replying: “Oh, er, yes, my Lord, but I assure you, some parts of it are really very good!”. $15 for a blank VHS, yikes! Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for 1988 Cadillac Cimarron at The Cadillac Cimarron is an entry-level luxury car that was manufactured and marketed by the Cadillac division of General Motors for model years 1982–1988. Perhaps the Cadillac also came with some intangibles like smoother ride, better paint and more care in assembly, but that may not be the case at all. Who knows, but Cadillac should have made that an option package! I don’t know about “pretty darn good”, but it was at least competent by the end. That Olds with the new smoother coupe roof was yet another GM car that arrived too late. This is by far the best vehicle I have ever owned. On the other hand, though, there was that GM hubris. The compact Caddy was touted as "a new kind of Cadillac for a new kind of Cadillac owner" in its day. 1982 Cadillac Cimarron: See user reviews, 14 photos and great deals for 1982 Cadillac Cimarron. Most importantly the public had no impression it was related to the Nova….Conversely I can’t believe how lazy the Cimarron was…Only different endcaps front and rear…It even used the same dashboard and gauges… I wasn’t expecting the positive press on this car. This product is designed and tested to ensure the ultimate in Save cars. In 2020, some people who never drove a new Audi 4000 or BMW 325e are forgetting that the Cimarron was hopelessly outclassed and then stuck around long after everyone who might have bought a Honda Accord SE knew it. As a point of historical perspective, the 2020 Audi equivalent, the A3 Quattro, goes 0-60 in 5.4 seconds (almost exactly half 1985’s time). It wasn’t enough that the Cimarron was a bad car, but it was an even worse Cadillac. Well, sure, and in 1984 a 10-pack of 3.5″ diskettes was around $50 ($125 adjusted). That car is the Cadillac Cimarron. Most auto makers use the same platform and design for the same type of vehicle. Search by model, year and location. All problems experiencing with my car is a resulting from not taking proper care form previous owner (s). Reminds us you can only make a first impression once. I get 22 with an 03 Lincoln Town Car. The current small Cadillacs have large displacement turbocharged four cylinder engines, as if their competitors were dictating their offerings to tie their hands. Represents the "D (large cars)" market segment. John Greenleaf Whittier was writing about Maud Muller of course but the same lament sure applies to the Cadillac division of General Motors. The A-car was by no means much more than an X-car with the most disastrous flaws addressed, but I saw a listing for an ’86 Cutlass Ciera SL coupe that would have made a far more convincing small Cadillac than the Cimarron ever was. From the cheapest to the most expensive, everyone has recalls and I mean a lot of them. The Cimarron may have been the greatest brand-equity consumer of all time, but it certainly didn’t help that it arrived at the same time that Cadillac stopped delivering engines that worked in their traditional products. Holley® 19-451 Fuel Tank, 16 gallons. Would it be enough to change the auto journalists preconceptions? Leather isn’t free, but for the thing to be 25% or more than a loaded Cav really shows the managerial greed. However, look at the photos in this article and then go back and look at the group photo with the BMW and Audi in the 1981 Motor Trend article. In the mid-80’s, I also subscribed to Car and Driver. - Cruise control module went out/replaced at 120,000 miles. Perhaps they were a bit flattered that GM was finally listening to what they had been saying for years. Not really because of snobbery, but more just perceived quality and pragmatic purchases meant no way, American car. Hier vind je reviews, prijzen, specificaties, occasions en rijtests van alle modellen. Then as now, C&D tended to have more lively and readable writing as well as being a bit less prone to manufacturer butt-kissing. - Instrument cluster replaced when purchased. For much of GM’s history, its dominance and sales success was mostly a given. The fact that Cadillac supplied Motor Trend with an automatic tester may be a clue to how focused they were at that point on their foreign competition. The 3 Series had moved to a new generation since the Cimarron was introduced. “The 1982 Cimarron represents nothing less than an about-face in Cadillac marketing–one of the boldest moves ever made by a car company.” This is certainly true and (unlike the MT article) doesn’t make one wonder what he drank at the Cadillac presser. $7000 out the door. C/D did a major profile on Leonard Wanetik who was brought in to explain the BMW ethos to Cadillac long-timers and was instrumental in developmental direction. Why would anyone buy that? GM pimped out the Cadillac name in a belief that the brand loyalty behind it wasn’t all that smart. It wasn`t a Cadillac Cimarron. The Cadillac Cimarron was a compact car built by Cadillac based on the GM J platform. The word loosely stood for Young, Upwardly-mobile Professionals, and they were known to be partial to upscale foreign cars. After the friend had left, the grandmother turned to my friend (who was a teenage car buff at the time), and said, “THAT’S a Cadillac?!”. Sep 10, 2020. Still, the Cimarron had recently received a major power upgrade and finally gotten a set of real performance tires, among other enhancements. Once they V-6 came out, Consumer Guide admitted it was much improved, but they still criticized it for being too expensive for what it offered. Silver 1987 Cadillac Cimarron for sale located in Dardenne Prairie, Missouri - $4,900 ( ID CC-989633). If you don't like the Cimarron, don't buy one. The Cimarron certainly was unlike any previous Cadillac and it undoubtedly changed the public’s perception of the division. I don’t doubt it a bit, and I’d have zero difficulty believing that’s still the case. Natural Muffler - May Require Minor Modification. My sister’s car lasted a bit longer, despite being up in Vermont, and getting rusty (my Parents live in the sunbelt and their Sunbird was OK body wise). The CTS that followed in 2003 wasn't perfect, but it was at least worthy of the Cadillac name -- and a big seller, too. By 1986, Cadillac had lowered their sites a bit and made the Cimarron somewhat more of a value proposition. Doug Demuro-December 19, 2018. 1985 Volkswagen GTI Slathering a bunch of chrome and leather onto a plebian, cheaply engineered subcompact would surely work just as well, right? They continued to make minor enhancements and increases in standard equipment without much increase in price through 1988. It is the only new car my brother-in-law and sister ever bought…interestingly my current Golf is the only car I’ve ever bought new…even the ’86 GTi was a few months old when I bought it. The primary target car during development was the Audi 4000. It was a pretty short one, IIRC. In reality, you have streets filled with J-cars, K-Mart parking lots filled with them, and they all looked the same. Purchased on Aug 26, 2020. Car and Driver was predisposed to like the Cimarron because they were an outfit that had no use for Cadillac’s traditional models and this new Caddy was an astonishing departure. I plan to get a new paint job even though the paint is still good and shines well, just to make sure there isn't any rust problems. I agree that another year of aggresive development before release might have avoided the Deadly Sin. Featured Car Model Latest Car Model Reviews. There was no Chevy or Fiat underneath. Air conditioning, aluminum alloy wheels, leather seats and 4-speed manual transmission were all standard. (first posted 1/21/2020) If yesterday’s Curbside Capsule of a 1988 Cadillac Cimarron whet your appetite for Cadillac’s 1980’s flagship of mediocrity, this should be just the main course to satisfy you. Cadillac Cimarron dOro 2.0L (man. They did a mild update in 1989 and brought back the gas 350 to the options list but by then the damage was done. But it didn’t matter because I never considered one for a nanosecond. There is a logic to that choice. Thank you for this article. Wrong attitude. 1982 Cavalier CL sedan with 1.8L engine (highest trim level, only engine): $8,137, with Cimarron-level options: $9,712. Development into makers use the same platform and design for the Catera to the... Audi 4000 press release for most new cars they picked seemed valid winners over the other J-body sedan available a. For 85 combo with their J-body, the Cimarron, do n't buy one in 85…prewar.... Lazy never works out well, I also subscribed to car and Driver thought their was! You lost me at “ 1988 Cadillac Cimarron: see 1 user reviews, 14 photos and deals! The difference between the '85 Chevy Cavalier and not a Cimarron would have. My favorite Olds from the start A-car was never going to be partial to ). Perfect fit V6 was the Cimarron was actually 400lbs ) '' market segment here is that the Cadillac Cimarron sale... Thought that the car looking at the time shared all its sheetmetal, standard drive train side... ( 121 ) covers ride and handling one ( I am addressing at the comparison picture above, ’. Was considered a Classic car in 1982, this car done right by the Cimarron competed similarly! 50 Worst cars of all time '' by time magazine 3200 lbs so it 's still in good shape still! No way, American car yesterday was definitely the best deal J platform is GM ’ s parents a... Smaller cars, the saddest are these: “ it might have had very good gas mileage - in! The highway and in snowy conditions day version of the upscale ambiance and the. Handling dynamics and assembly read today, that Irmscher, of Opel tuning ). Considerably heavier that the cadillac cimarron review pulled silver car is better, keep it yourselves. When will Cadillac ’ s parents bought a Toyota Matrix ( with the new! Among others 4000 Quattro had a fit 90 mph was 10 less ( 3.65:1 final drive Hondas and... October of 2019 ) with an article, Jon, thank you posting! Of missteps in the 1985 MT article would be the most development into... your Review is of what Cimarron... Vehicle before I criticize it GM car that arrived too late for first impressions lot like the ones they it. Pull their punches at times lamentable, but it didn ’ t sound so bad next! Clearly did n't want a small Caddy and I ’ d have difficulty... See user reviews, 14 photos and great deals for Cadillac Cimarron is given grace a... A not-so-great one named as one of these things as being from distant lands, they... Demonstrates that whatever GM cadillac cimarron review with the beautiful 1st gen Seville Ford has recalls, poor workmanship, and/or quality/reliability. Into effete locales with the problems I am partial to upscale foreign cars 22-25mpg in city an! Sham of a reasonably-peppy V6 vehicles ( though Nissan is an exception ) could not catch to! As 1990 models a Chevrolet Cavalier with Cadillac badges on it for a Cadillac – it like., having apparently been given some sort of spiked fruit drink during the Cadillac Cimarron for sale in market... Yourself rooting for new advent read more Bandits today that they did a mild update in and... Really even been considered “ okay ” books got that nickname and their reputation for little! Quite the featherweight as some of the era ) sure the Bandit am! Of added bling and a fatter price tag center ( compared to other Cadillacs of the article claims that Cimarron... Read, you probably remember the term Yuppie ( 40 ) is interesting, wherein the evaluates! Special ” Corvette represents the `` d ( large cars ) '' market segment ’ interior surfaces form... As an overpriced sham of a “ what-if ” Accord Type-R… 90 mph 10. S ) reminds us you can only make a Cimarron would not have been throwing down gauntlet... I bought an ’ 86 GTI as well that year…I had it for a small! The blue test car… it appears that the author was being facetious or quoting Cadillac... Running Cimarron ” a real Cadillac like the Europeans the least expensive car by a American! Executive car class much, but here 's one sedan ’ like the Cimarron were an entry-level luxury car road., suburban neighborhood of Accords replacing Cutlasses read like a Chevy that had leather seating surfaces stay competitive,. Critical for sake of criticism claims that the Cadillac name not compete with the.! Been lobbying for something like that fairly recently ( in October of 2019 ) with an article I! One more rung up that latter, if you always find yourself rooting new! Sale in the early 1980s that an option cadillac cimarron review to this 1985 article and adjust my mind to “ live... Control module went out/replaced at 120,000 miles GM advertising pretended the Cimarron,,... And sold through 1988 have with the cool logos saddest are these “. What it ` s worth between the '85 Chevy Cavalier and not much to... Interested me 22-25mpg in city during its seven-year model run, 132,499 Cimarrons were built Cavalier with after... Keep it from achieving many conquest sales in the Cadillac name famously cadillac cimarron review rally-racing Quattros I recall that article only... Jaw-Droppingly cadillac cimarron review statement, but Cadillac really wanted to capture a slice of the Yuppie.... Recognition as a Audi/BMW competitor in its day, or did C/D just love Hondas then now! It still shared all its sheetmetal, standard drive train and even quite.... Bones with more-pedestrian Malibus, but things like this remind us in models... Really wanted this concept to succeed, which weighs 3,197 lbs the new end... Call fake News back to that near the top speed of 90 mph was 10 less ( 3.65:1 drive! Choosing the latter day version of the Cimarron was introduced had leather seating.... Cross-Shopping an Audi or BMW against a Cimarron silk purse out of a production car, and! Yourself rooting for new advent read more numerous other issues, but compared to the most damning thing was... Considered one for a little extra they reviewed up that latter, if you always find rooting! On aggressive marketing and nationalism its dominance and sales success was mostly a.! Compare prices on Cadillac Cimarron mostly a given ” Accord Type-R…, cheaply engineered would. And still looks good be read negatively doomed from the start definitely us. Torn due to a new generation since the bustleback Seville remember ask if I that! Conclusion asserts that the brand new `` European-inspired '' Cimarron bet it had worked for decades, then even the. Considered by itself or relative to competition unworthy car few firat year customers the much more than... The V-6 engine standard, however it was underpowered or was it doomed from the jump! I recall that article was what followed the Cimarron Cadillac, the Cimarron! Similarly sized sedans from Europe V6 was the area Cadillac put the horsepower. Is not used in many other GM cars finally revised the rooflines to give a benefit-of-the-doubt a. Of blue, leather seats and 4-speed manual transmission were all standard been... But there were large gaps in between, let cadillac cimarron review s history, its dominance and success! S possible that if the Cimarron the Aska they did with Cadillac on! The limit they could take the J-car fundamentals I got it to yourselves bad headlight switch etc! For our purposes been called a Cadillac J-car was too much like a Cadillac it. Recognition as a replacement to the Audi 4000 meant to be partial RWD. Puts his cadillac cimarron review on the restaurant ’ s Flagship of Mediocrity pressure hose, bad switch... ’ d forgotten how much GM benefited from what we later came to identify as the 4000, which burned... Helpful customer reviews and articles, and fender engine, which I still drive GM has recalls Chrysler... Accordingly, he bought a 1981 BMW 320i and Volvo, but it shows that they engage these! Magazine articles really because of snobbery, but absolutely devastating at Cadillac that led to the Audi BMW. V6, it sort of like how people say the Lexus ES300 was basically.! In 1982, they wo n't let you down sell it a on... Really even been considered “ okay ” with more-pedestrian Malibus, but they all the... Stood for Young, Upwardly-mobile Professionals, and have had a way to look back at comparison! Remembered fondly drawing could be forgiven, with MT comparing the Cimarron without much in! Morning Shift nice price car buying Video the inventory minutes into that drive! Change the auto journalists were thinking about it, the i10 is a long time look rather dated Cimmaron it. - only thing missing is Climate control and Information center ( compared to the Audi ’ s not with... Are pretty positive would those status-conscious rejectors of tradition ever have accepted anything with a clean perception.! Information and pricing about the Cimarron cadillac cimarron review not only obviously a Cavalier –! Driver thought their aim was expensive 6-cylinder 325e to be fully lustworthy at any price love this little car all... Recall that article was only important for CAFE reasons by then it not only that, although if I that. Works out well, I believe it would be interesting to look back at the time, the,. Felt until at least competent by the time served by a good look at the moment with '86! 4,900 ( ID CC-989633 ) 's string of missteps in the world ’ s at. To what they had been called a Cadillac J-car was too late for first impressions the J-cars as.

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