Now we have the template and component object. With your defined model read the selected item value. Your index.html should look like this. Now go to the src folder and create a file name Autocomplete.vue. vue2-autocomplete-js docs, getting started, code examples, API reference and more i explained simply about laravel 8 typeahead ajax autocomplete example. Time to create the script section of the Vue file. You can modify it according to your requirement and with the input event you can perform an action. suggestions is an array you pass to the component which will be used for showing autocomplete suggestions and selection is the final value which was given in the input by the user. So here we will see how to create a quick Autocomplete component with Vue.js. Vue Material autocomplete is really simple, yet powerfull. In this tutorial, i will tell you how to create dynamic jquery autocomplete search from database table in laravel 8 project. .synchas to be added to two-way bound elements to make sure it syncs whenever there is change in parent & child components. 29:13. Vue Autocomplete is inspired by aFarkas remote-list Jquery Plugin. Create a config.php for the database connection. Using